The Diocese of Venice and Epiphany Cathedral must ensure that children and youth who worship, study, or participate in activities can do so in the safest and most secure setting possible. Parents and caretakers must have confidence in these institutions before they will allow their children to become involved with them.

Code of Conduct

A safe environment begins with a “code of conduct” for all adults who work with youth on a regular basis. A “code of conduct” establishes acceptable behavior that is legal, professional, and responsible and it must include standards of conduct with regard to sexual abuse and harassment. Written copies are provided to each volunteer who must acknowledge in writing that they understand and must abide by it.

Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Training

As part of the Safe Environment, the Diocese of Venice requires that all employees and those volunteers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults be fingerprinted and trained in Safe Environment. For more information: Diocesan Policies


Epiphany Cathedral believes that any form of harassment is contrary to the sanctity and integrity of all persons and is committed to providing an environment free of bullying. All children/youth/adults are forbidden from engaging in any form of bullying directed toward another child/youth/adult. This includes verbal, physical, visual, or sexual harassment. Any allegation of harassment or bullying will be dealt with in a serious manner.