Epiphany Cathedral welcomes you to the Faith Formation for children and their parents/guardians.

We provide Religious instruction for children and youth who do not attend Epiphany Catholic school.

  • We support parents in their primary responsibility as teachers of the children.
  • We promote Catholic attitudes, values and practices in formal classroom settings by emphasizing Catholic doctrine and teachings at age-appropriate levels: God, our Creator; the Trinity; Jesus and the Church; the Work of the Spirit in the Church; Prayer: Liturgy; Sacraments; Scripture; Stories of Mary and the Saints; Christian morality; the Commandments and the Beatitudes.
  • We provide inter-generational activities for parents, grandparents and children
  • We prepare students in 2 year programs Grade 1 & 2 and above to receive 1st Reconciliation (Confession) and 1st Eucharist (Communion), and students in Grade 9 & 10 and above to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Our Mission

The purpose of our Religious Education Program is to facilitate ongoing conversion to Jesus Christ with a goal of full participation in the life of the Catholic Church by being the Hearts and Hands of Christ. Epiphany Cathedral welcomes all children and youth, baptized or not, to participate in our Religious Education Program.