What Is Stewardship?

Stewardship is not a program. It is a way of life. Stewardship is a spirituality. Spirituality often times can scare people. If you were to ask a friend if they had a spirituality, they might honestly give you a funny look. Why is that? It is because spirituality can often be confusing.

With that being said, what do we mean by Stewardship being a spirituality. If you were to ask if Fr. Joseph or Sr. Frances have a spirituality, you might think “Don’t they have to?” Now let’s look at the average baptized person. Do they have a spirituality? Most might say no. But if they do embrace one, they may embrace one from a religious community. Ignatian is tremendously popular, Franciscan, Dominican, and Benedictine’s are also admired. The wonderful things about these spiritualities is that they are meant for those who live in community or the context of religious life. This does not mean other people can’t benefit from them, but it is a borrowed spirituality. It’s not going to work in the average family! Imagine the complications of living the rules of religious life in the average family. It would be complex and difficult. But all people need a spirituality, and those living in the secular world, We the Baptized, our Spirituality is called Stewardship, and it is the lens by which we see God and respond to God’s presence in our life.

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