Living Our Faith

The Baptized and Stewardship
When God created each one of us, he inscribed in us a vocation. He gave us the capacity and responsibility of love and communion with each other and he calls us to such a commitment at our Baptism. At Baptism, you and I enter a new religious order, and that order is called the order of the faithful. Believe it or not, any other religious order in the church exists to serve the order of the faithful. As Christians, each one of us has a vocation to hear God’s call given to us at Baptism and live out that calling.

Imagine if everyone believed they had a vocation?  But some may ask “How do I use my vocation? What is my ministry as a lay faithful?" Our ministry is to go and make disciples, by using our unique gifts and talents to make God present in the world. And that is where stewardship comes in. Stewardship is the charism, the spirituality, the lens by which we see God and respond to his presence in our life. In stewardship we learn how to receive God’s gifts gratefully, develop our talents responsibly, share those gifts and talents lovingly and in justice for others and lastly to return them with increase to the Lord. For in living out stewardship, we are giving back to God the blessings we have received.

 "The Mass of Remembrance" will be celebrated Sunday, November 2 at the 11:00am service
There will be a candle lighting ceremony for those who have died in the past year.  Families that have contacted us will arrive at Mass by 10:45am and designate one person from the family to light a candle for their recently deceased family member.  Names of those who have died within the past year will also be read at this time. 

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