Parish Tours of Epiphany

Get to Know Epiphany with Parish Tours

Have you ever wondered about the history and significance of the art, sculptures, or windows in the Cathedral?
Why are there so many rooms? 
Where did the art work originate?  
Who were the artists?
What is the purpose for the various chairs in the sanctuary?
Why did EPIPHANY become the Cathedral?
Why was the decision made to found a parish on the Island?

Find out the answers to these questions and many other interesting and informative facts about EPIPHANY CATHEDRAL on a guided 35-45 minute tour.  Beginning July 19th, after the 4:00 PM Mass, tours will be offered by members of the MEET & GREET Ministry Team for ALL PARISHONERS…not just those new to EPIPHANY.  Tours are being organized once a month, but reservations are required. To be a participant on the first tour or for more information, please call: Susan Rohman, 941-244-0608.

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