Rev. John F. Costello – SILVER JUBILARIAN

Congratulations to Fr. Jack on his Silver Jubilee year as a priest in the Diocese of Venice!

This year marks Father Costello’s Silver Jubilation. Hailing from Boston and as the oldest of seven siblings, Father John Costello has always been a committed member of the Catholic Church.  A devout Irish Christian Brother for 25 years, Father Costello worked as a schoolteacher, who taught biology and religion in various high schools throughout the northeast and Miami. While teaching at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame School in the Archdiocese of Miami, Father Costello decided that entering the priesthood was the next logical step in his dedication to Christ. “I wanted to be involved with people on a spiritual level, and I couldn’t do that as a teacher,” he said in an interview before his ordination 25 years ago. “I wanted to be involved in a service that was geared to spirituality, to the preparation of the sacraments and in counseling.” 

Being there to help others in times of crisis is what Father Costello holds dearly. He makes sure that he is “someone who is there to serve the Lord and his people while continuing to grow into a healthy individual that God intended,” he said. His family and friends have supported him throughout the years. His greatest accomplishments were “done with the help of the Lord, family and friends.” 

We are thankful and honored to have Fr. Jack as the Rector of Epiphany Cathedral since 2008.

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