December 20, 2020 12:00 pm

“O Creator God, our world is pregnant with the anticipation of the birth of your Son. We are bursting in our preparedness, for the feast of Christmas will soon be here. Everything seems to be in order: the plans are agreed to, the tree is decorated, most of the gifts are wrapped, and we think we are ready. However, Lord, as we pause to offer this prayer, we realize that some things have been rushed, and, in the process, some important things have been forgotten. In this brief moment of quiet, help us to be at least thankful. Help us to appreciate the Word that comes to dwell with us. Help us to hope in the promise of His way, truth, and life. Help us to join with the angels who sing your praise. Grant us the lasting peace of this great season of joy. We pray in the name of our long-expected Lord. Amen.”

~ from The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook