Keeping the Heart & Hands of Christ Safe & Secure

Thank you for participating in our special collection over the next 18 months to raise funds to complete our “Keeping the Heart and Hands of Christ Safe and Secure at Epiphany Cathedral Church and School.” 

Ways to Give:

1. Donate Online2. Text to Give3. Donate Cards
Click here to give a One-time Donation
Recurring Monthly Donation
Text the word “Safety” to
Follow the instructions to give through your online account or set up a new online account.
All parishioners received a letter from Fr. Jack in the mail with a donation card.

Safety & Security updates across the campus continues to show tremendous progress! Card readers and keypads have been installed in
all central meeting areas, surveillance cameras keep a watchful eye on the property, and increased lighting in parking lot areas are just a few of the items as we look to the goal to create a safer environment for our ministry meeting areas and the campus as a whole.
Next steps include new building numbers to help visitors find their way, fire alarm updates, and additional fiber infrastructure for technology uses. We are confident as you see these many updates you will be pleased and excited for the changes we making together.

We are the Heart & Hands of Christ
As you can see on the thermometer, we are nearly half-way through our 18-month campaign and so far have raised only 33.1% of our
goal. We can’t do this without you. We will be relaunching the campaign in the fall, but until then, for more information on the project and how you can help, please email us at, or call our office at 941.484.3505.

Safe & Secure Prayer Card

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