Fr. Soy (Rector 1976-1999) dedicated the Memorial Garden in 1990 to meet the increasing requests for an area of sacred ground for cremains near the Cathedral.

Many changes have been made to the garden since it had started. Previous Priests and Deacons who enjoyed gardening had usually been the main caretakers with volunteers assisting. The largest change and make-over was made several years ago by Fr. Ricky Varner (2018-2019) with the removal of original fencing and aging hedges, and replanting them with the present hedges with small bushes around the interior sidewalks. Many volunteers at the time assisted with him weeding and maintaining the many annual plants that were in hanging baskets.

The Memorial Garden once again has shown changes. In 2021 Karen Reiner-Hayes took over the neglected areas in the garden since Fr. Ricky left. Prior to her taking on the task, previous hedging on the interior sidewalks had been removed. In return, she has planted many colorful annuals and perennials, to once again bring back the goal Fr. Soy initiated, making it a very peaceful, contemplative and spiritual place it was always intended to be.

If you request further information, Karen can be reached at: 941-416-0001

Contact:  Karen Reiner-Hayes (941) 416-0001 or Email Karen Here