Tuesday Morning

Discussion of upcoming weekend scripture readings and lessons from previous weekend homilies. No prior knowledge of Scripture is necessary. All Catholics and non-Catholics are welcomed. A book of the Bible is discussed during  the winter months.

Meet: Tuesdays

Contact: Sue Barone  (716) 860-8116  or  Don Corrigan  (941) 496-9308

Tuesday Evening

Reading and discussion of the upcoming Sunday Scripture readings.

Meet: Tuesdays

Contact: Mary Wright (941) 488-2567 or Email Mary Here


This group uses the Catholic Serendipity Bible for its study of the Scriptures. Discussion of the questions in this Bible follow our readings.

Meet: September- April, Thursdays

Contact:  Maryann Gilmour  (941) 485-6133 or  Email Maryann Here

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