Adoration – Sign-up

Please consider giving the gift of one hour a week. Or, consider joining with a team of four, each taking one hour a month.

Contact the Parish Office: (941) 484-3505 to reserve your time or submit an Adorers Sign Up Form

Bible Study

Tuesday Morning

Discussion of upcoming weekend scripture readings. No prior knowledge of Scripture is necessary. All Catholics and non-Catholics are welcomed.

Meet: Tuesdays

Contact: Debby Rand (941) 321-4583 or Email Debby Here

Tuesday Evening

Reading and discussion of the upcoming Sunday Scripture readings.

Meet: Tuesdays

Contact: Mary Wright (941) 488-2567 or Email Mary Here


This group uses the Catholic Serendipity Bible for its study of the Scriptures. Discussion of the questions in this Bible follow our readings.

Meet: September- April, Thursdays

Contact:  Maryann Gilmour  (941) 485-6133 or  Email Maryann Here

Cursillo – Short Course in Christianity/Ultreya

The Catholic Cursillo (cur-see-yo) is a three-day experience, which takes a New Testament look at Christianity as a lifestyle.  Cursillo is a highly structured weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people, their families, churches and world.

Follow-up to Cursillo: friendship groupings and Ultreya. Friendship group reunions consists of smaller gatherings of Cursillo members who support one another and share ways that God is working in their day-to- day lives as they live out the mission of the church in their families, church, work and world.

Contact:  Irene Bauer  (941) 726-0368 or Email Irene Here

Divine Mercy Prayer Group

The Divine Mercy Prayer Group offers up prayers for the intentions of the Rector. There are yearly celebrations: Novena of Divine Mercy (Good Friday to Divine Mercy Sunday) and Divine Mercy Sunday Celebrations.

Meet:  Friday,  3:00pm in the Cathedral Chapel

Emmaus Men & Women

Emmaus Men

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen Epiphany through the development of Catholic disciples and leaders.  The program’s approach seriously considers the model of Christ as a servant and encourages Christ’s disciples to act in ways appropriate to being “a servant of all.”

Contact: Jerry Paulausky  (260) 602-7542 or Email Jerry Here

Emmaus Women

The Emmaus Women Ministry provides women of all ages an opportunity to grow in their spiritual life through attendance at a retreat based on Luke 24:13-35 in which Jesus shares the story of his life, death and resurrection with two disciples journeying to the city of Emmaus.

Once having attended the weekend retreat, (held annually in February or March at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Retreat Center in Venice), new retreatants are invited to attend monthly prayer meetings fostering continued spiritual growth and fellowship with past retreatants. “Were not our hearts burning within us…”

Contact:  Donna Vodraska  (630) 336-0918 or Email Donna Here

Seven Sisters Apostolate

Seven Sisters Apostolate is a call to strengthen the church by insuring that a holy hour is prayed each day of the week for the sole intention of a specific priest or bishop - "a holy wasting" or lavishing of prayer for his deeper conformity to Christ. We offer daily adoration for our shepherds. The Sisters are provided a booklet with spiritual writings and prayers to enhance their hour of prayer.

Contact:  Diane Little 814-341-6228 or  Email Diane Here

Epiphany Prayer Requests

Anyone who feels the need for prayer for themselves, family or friends may avail themselves of the Prayer Line by telephoning the Parish Office

(941) 484-3505 or Email your requests here

Holy Souls Society – Apostolate of Purgatory

This prayer program is designed to relieve and gain release for the suffering souls in Purgatory who can no longer help themselves.

Meet: Every Monday at 8:45 am

Contact:  Nancy Archiable  (513) 703-8005  Email Nancy Here

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a world-wide organization built upon a true devotion to Mary which is reflected in its prayers and works. With the sanction of the Church, we are an army under the powerful leadership and intercession of Mary Immaculate. Through Mary to Jesus our active members minister to the sick and lonely with visits to homes, hospitals, nursing homes and jails and many other works. There are two Legion of Mary Prayer Groups.

Mary, Ark of the Covenant

Meet:  Wednesdays

Contact:  Julie Courville (941) 720-5690  or Email Julie Here

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Meet : Fridays

Contact: Maryann Gilmour (941) 485-6133 or Email Maryann Here

Marian Movement of Priests’ Cenacle

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, this ministry is not currently active.

A gathering of parishioners who pray to Our Lady to intercede for priests so that they remain strongly united to the Pope and the Church. The priests also consecrate themselves to Her Immaculate Heart.

Contact:  Marie Rasch   (941) 484-4043

Parish Vocation Ministry

The “Parish Vocation Ministry” is an initiative of the Vocations Office to promote a culture of vocations in every parish in the Diocese.

Contact: Vocations Director, Fr. Shawn Roser, (941) 486-4720 or Email Fr. Roser Here

Respect Life Prayer Vigil Group

Members meet every Friday to pray the Rosary outside Planned Parenthood from 9:00am to 12:00pm in Sarasota.

Contact: Kim Wilkinson (941) 493-0111 or Email Kim Here

Rosary for Life Prayer Group

Recitation of the Rosary for Life takes place every Friday during Adoration after the 3:00 pm Divine Mercy Chaplet unless otherwise noted.

Meet: Fridays, after Divine Mercy Chaplet, 3:15pm in the Cathedral Chapel

Contact:  Al & Margaret Cantanno (941) 488-9603 or Email Al & Margaret Here

Rosary Prayer Groups (4 Groups)

Recitation of the Rosary takes place before and after Mass.


7:30 am weekdays 

8:30 am weekdays   Tom Hresko   (941) 493-3785

7:00 am Sundays   Sandy Higgins (941) 483-3357  Email Sandy Here

(La Epifanía Grupo de Oración del Rosario)

5:30pm Saturday Elsa Aguilera (941) 408-6383 or Hilda Gerstlauer (941) 266-2167

Secular Franciscan Order, OFS

A community of lay Catholic men and women who seek to pattern their lives after Christ, going from Gospel to life and from life to Gospel, according to the rule of St. Francis of Assisi.   Must be a Catholic in good standing and have been confirmed.

Meet: September- June, 3rd Sunday


Agnes Carrasco   (516) 450-0019 or  Email Agnes Here

Agnes Tytko Reid  (216) 387-7573 or Email Agnes Here

Spirit of Love Prayer Group (Charismatic Prayer Group)

The Spirit of Love Prayer Group is one of the oldest Charismatic Prayer Groups in the State of Florida.  The mission of the Prayer Group is to foster the spiritual renewal of God’s people by promoting Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the acceptance and use of the charismatic gifts, promote growth in personal prayer, and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Meet: 1st Thursday 7:00pm Praise and Worship, 7:30pm Mass in Cathedral Chapel.  All other Thursdays at 7:00pm, The Spirit of Love Prayer Group meet online through Zoom.

All are welcome

Contact:  Stephanie Oefinger (941) 400-8985 or Alice Keough; Email Here