Altar Circle

The Altar Circle volunteers oversee the cleaning of votive stands, candle torches and Holy Water fonts, and keep vestments and altar linens clean, neat and organized, as well as washing all purificators, altar linens, and altar server garments.

Contact:  Barbara Pestorius  (941) 493-9348 or Email Barbara Here

Altar Servers

  • Adult This ministry is open to all adults who wish to serve at the Lord’s table. They serve for weekday Masses and other special events such as weddings.
  • Children Any young person who has received the Sacrament of First Eucharist may become an altar server. Responsibilities include assisting at liturgies for weekend Masses, Holy Days and other special occasions.

Contact: EC Communications or Email EC Communications Here

Church Art and Environment

The Church Art and Environment Committee prepares the sanctuary for daily and Sunday Masses with a goal of maintaining a warm, spiritual, and meaningful place of worship. It is comprised of carpenters, seamstresses, liturgical consultants, and other volunteers interested in keeping the Cathedral ready for the celebration of the liturgy.

Contact:  Barbara Pestorius  (941) 493-9348 or Email Barbara Here

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Daily & Weekend

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion have the privilege of assisting bishops, priests, and deacons in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Meet: Annual training is conducted in the fall and as needed throughout the year for new stewards.


Barbara Koehler   (941) 484-9664  or Email Barbara Here

Emily Sarnecke   (941) 488-6983 or  Email Emily Here


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion distribute Holy Communion to those parishioners who are homebound, in nursing homes or other circumstances that prevent them from attending Mass. Training and Fingerprinting are required.

Contact:  Epiphany Cathedral Communications, (941) 484-3505 or Email Here


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are given the special honor of administering Holy Communion to those parishioners who are in the hospital. Training and Fingerprinting are required

Contact: Margaret Yerman, (941) 408-6763 or  Email Margaret Here


Readers proclaim the Word of God at Masses on weekends, weekdays, and Holy Days of Obligation. The gifts needed by a reader are a love of Scripture, quiet confidence, and a clear speaking voice.

Meet: Annual meeting, 4th  Saturday in January.

Contact:  Donna & Bob Vodraska (941) 496-4464 or Email Donna & Bob Here

  1. Reader's Guidelines
  2. Nine Steps to Becoming a Better Lector


Sacristans are dedicated to making the celebration of the Liturgy as seamless and meaningful as possible by preparing for all daily and weekend Masses, funerals, weddings, and baptisms. They maintain the sacristy, care for vestments and all liturgical materials, and open and close the Church, taking care to provide a quiet, spiritual setting for priests and parishioners.

Contact:  Albert Howes  (941) 484-3368 or Barbara Pestorius  (941) 493-9348