The Arimatheans are a dedicated group of parishioners who show their support by attending the funerals of fellow parishioners. Often family members are not able to travel for the funeral of their loved ones. Our Arimatheans are there to represent the faith community, family members who are unable to attend.

Contact:  Nancy Whitmore, (941) 408-4428 or Email Nancy Here

Bereavement Support Group

We heal from grief by talking about it in a group setting. A faith-based setting is ideal to promote healing through prayer and fellowship with others.

Meet:  September through June, 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

Contact:  Nancy Zarella,  (508) 930-6383 or Email Nancy Here

Trish Monaco, (609) 618-4408 (cell)

Blood Drives

Epiphany Cathedral hosts periodic blood drives to help combat critical shortages in the area’s blood supply. Drives are announced in the church bulletin.

Contact: Epiphany Cathedral Communications, (941) 484-3505 or  Email Here

Funeral Planners

This group of dedicated volunteers assists parishioners and bereaved families in planning funerals for themselves and their loved ones. They are present with the family at the Funeral Mass and help facilitate and coordinate the funeral liturgy. All volunteers are trained, then paired with an existing Funeral Liturgy Planner to assist with planning until they feel comfortable on their own.

Contact:  Ruthanne and Carl Galanti, (732) 915-9407 or  Email Ruthanne and Carl Here

Respect Life Ministry

The ministry focuses on life and death issues involving the beginning of life, end of life, capital punishment, and legislative advocacy on local, state, and national levels. As a member of the Diocesan Coalition of Life Committee, the ministry takes direction from the Diocesan Respect Life Department, with the Rector’s approval.

Contact: Elizabeth Gillson, (703) 389-9751 or Email Elizabeth Here