Endowment Committee

The Epiphany Endowment Committee is a group of parish representatives that work to grow the endowment fund for both Epiphany Cathedral Parish and School.  Established in 2016, their objective is to identify and cultivate potential donors and facilitate opportunities for planned giving of significant amounts through the Epiphany Legacy Society, Scholarship Endowment and Estate Planning.

Meet: Quarterly

Contact:  David Morley (303) 618-1288 or Email David Here

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council advises the Rector in the financial matters of the Parish including budgeting, fund-raising, parish asset management and support of diocesan projects. It works in collaboration with the Parish Pastoral Council and is responsible directly to the Rector. Appointed by the Rector.

Meet:  Monthly, Year round.

Contact:  Susan Hanks  (941) 468-2225 or Email Susan Here

Home and School Association

The Home and School Association is made up of volunteer parents or guardians who support Epiphany Cathedral School, its teachers, staff students and their parents.  They also support and collaborate on events that bring the school, the parish and the community together.  Membership is open to all parents/guardians of Epiphany Cathedral School students, is highly encouraged, and supports the church’s mission of stewardship: sharing your time, talent and treasure.

Meet:  Quarterly

Contact:  Home and School; Email Here

Liturgy Committee

The primary role of the liturgy committee is to focus on the full range of the parish’s liturgical life and to represent the consensus of the community in matters related to that liturgical life. It has a mandate to ensure that celebrations are planned in such a way that they lead to a conscious, active and full participation of the faithful, both in body and in mind.

Meet:  September  –  May, 2nd Friday of the month

Contact:  The Parish Office, (941) 484-3505 or Email Parish Office here

Pastoral Council

The Epiphany Cathedral Pastoral Council is a representative group of parishioners charged with the task of ensuring the parish as a Catholic Christian faith community lives out its mission statement “to be the heart and hands of Christ.” The Council is advisory in nature and its focus is on the four Pillars of Stewardship: Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Service. Together with the Rector, the Council encapsulates reflection, discernment, visioning, consensus, and pastoral planning into its ministry of parish leadership.

Meet: August –  May, 1st Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm

Contact:  Bernard Doogue at (941) 493-0006 or Email Bernard Here

School Advisory Board

The Epiphany Cathedral School Advisory Board is established by the Rector and school principal in conformity with diocesan policy to assist in the governance of the education program in the school. Members of the board serve on the strategic long-range planning committee with goals and objectives in the following areas of school life: identity, ownership, enrollment, and advisory on finances, facilities, development,  technology and as a school in the community.

Contact:  Nicole Loseto (941) 488-2215 or Email Nicole Here

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee promotes our vision for Epiphany Cathedral by fostering Stewardship as “Our Way of Life” which enables all members of the faith community to be the Heart and Hands of Christ. Council members seek to create opportunities and activities which allow parishioners to become more aware of the abundant blessings that God has bestowed upon them. After parishioners come to a realization of how much God has blest them, the Council encourages grateful parishioners to share their gifts with others freely. The Stewardship Committee advises the Rector on how to develop programs and activities which promote Stewardship as “Our Way of Life.”  Members are appointed by the Rector.

Meet: September- June, 1st Wednesday of the month, 4:00pm

Contact:  Epiphany Cathedral Communications, (941) 484-3505  or  Email Here