All Parishes Pentecost Sunday

All Confirmandi who missed their Confirmation from parishes in the Diocese of Venice will be received at Epiphany Cathedral on Pentecost Sunday, annually @ 2:30 pm Mass.  To celebrate in this Sacrament, the following forms must be
completed and returned to Epiphany Cathedral, 7 working days before Pentecost Sunday.  Please read more information as things have changed.  See Info and FAQ below.
Only parish staff should contact the Faith Formation Department: 941-485-2325.

 Forms (Pentecost Sunday Only)

(Note: There is only one form for Confirmation-Pentecost in English.  There is no longer youth/adult forms There is a separate Sponsor Form-English.)

New English Forms

New Spanish Forms

Study Guide

Information & FAQ about Confirmation

Epiphany Cathedral, 2:30 pm Mass on Pentecost Sunday

  • Forms have changed.  Do not use the old ones.
  • The Rite of Confirmation takes place after the homily in the Mass. (What will happen after the homily?) Inform your Confirmandi & Sponsors about the Rite of Confirmation and what to expect, i.e. responses.
  • Responsibilities for the Church sending Confirmation Candidates to Epiphany:  Whoever receives the form from the candidates at the parish is responsible for follow-up with the Confirmandi.  Do not refer calls to Epiphany Cathedral.  Confirmandi and sponsors should not call the Cathedral. Only calls from the parish staff will be answered.  All individuals will be referred back to their parish.
  • When do I arrive at Epiphany?  No earlier than 1:45 pm.  No later than 2:15 pm.  Mass begins at 2:30 pm.  There is a Mass preceding the Mass for Confirmation. 
  • Where do we sit?  The ushers will direct you to the front sections closest to the altar.  Introduce yourself and you will be seated in reserve seating.  Only one sponsor per Confirmandi is permitted.   All others guests,  team, family are seated in general seating.
  • Epiphany makes all certificates and name tags.
  • All parishes should have entered into their ParishSoft Census program all Confirmandi with proper name as listed on the Baptismal Certificate.  Also, enter in the Name of the Father and Mother under the General section of the individual person (Maiden name is full maiden name, not just the last name) Parent’s proper name should be entered as listed on the Baptismal Certificate. Enter Family Name Druid# on the registration form.
  • Someone from the parish should accompany a group with 4 or more candidates.